Principals Desk

Principals Desk

Mrs. Rupali Hingwe, Principal

Hello and welcome to TBRAN’s Mundle English Medium School.

Since the inception, the institute has incessantly laboured to become a renounced centre for education.  Our goals are as simple as they are for reaching to offer the best, to reach as many and as high as we can in the fulfillment of our mission.

Our efforts do not focus only on pure academics but also on providing opportunities to each child to explore his own capabilities and areas of interest.  For this, there are many activities, both curricular and co-curricular available in the school.  These help each child to become the best person he can be.  We at Mundle foster excellence.  We strive to inculcate good habits in our students thereby developing a positive attitude and sound character. Character building has a prime place in our school wish list, therefore we ensure that our students develop personal integrity, responsible,  use of freedom, respect for elders and willingness to help improve society.  We constantly strive to meet the needs of our students in context of ever changing paradigm of society, to meet the future challenges of life. 

The long and short of our school motto is to equip each child with soft and life skills training, nurture their quest for knowledge, induce the habit of self learning, thereby giving the society citizens with strong moral character.

Mrs. Rupali Hingwe