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Chairman's Desk


Nikhil Mundle, Chairman

Mother And Her Children

When we are weak and feeble and are unable to survive independently, our mother not only helps us survive in this world but also tries to nourish us well with whatever resources she has, without expecting anything in return.

 We eventually grow up, being able to carry ourselves for the rest of our life without any further support from our mother.

 God forbid, there may be times when our mother becomes weak and feeble ....sometimes due to disease or illness .... or maybe due to some unfortunate accident . or perhaps due to violent attacks by antisocial elements .....

 The reactions of her children in such situations can be divided in four groups -

 A.   Some of them will promptly start corrective treatment on her and will not relent till she is back to normal, without hesitating about the"practical" considerations like money, time and efforts spent during the course of corrective measures.

 B.   Some of them will sympathise with her and will provide moral support but won't be able to offer substantial help due to lack of ability or resources.

 C.   Some of them will just plain ignore her and go ahead with their life.

 D.   Some of them will start ridiculing her, looking at her swollen face or red eyes or broken arm, making comparisons with their friends' mothers who are in good healthy condition.

 We all Indians have one more mother, Mother India, who has helped us live our life till date offering us whatever resources she had.

 Once upon a time she was a role model for other countries of the world, highly acclaimed for knowledge, strength and wealth.

 She has currently become weak and feeble due to centuries of repeated violent attacks by foreign invaders . due to intentional crippling of her abilities by the foreign rulers . due to deep wounds of terrorism . due to infection of corruption and malpractices . due to viral indiscipline causing uncontrolled spread of rubbish everywhere . due to high fever of lawlessness . anaemic due to poverty, hunger, illiteracy, ignorance, indifference, ..

 Some Indians just plain ignore her condition and move ahead with their own life. Many even leave India and shift base to other countries.

 Some Indians repeatedly ridicule her by comparing her condition with the good healthy conditions in other developed countries.

 Our Mother India has far greater immunity than we think and can surely regain lost excellent health if proper care and attention is given by us.

 परम वैभवं नेतुम् एतद् स्वराष्ट्रम्  let us all resolve to be part of group A.

 All the best wishes to be a citizen of a Superpower Nation!


 Nikhil Mundle


TBRANs Mundle English Medium School