$img_titleThe school observed its14thSports Day“Urja- Energy Channellised”on the 29thof January. The event was organized in the esteemed presence of theChief Guest Shri. Anil Sole, Mayor, Nagpur City,Special Guest of Honour,Shri Vijay Santan, District Sports Officer and Guest of Honour,Shri. B.K.Gawrane, Principal RPTS,Nagpur.


$img_titleThe event began with theMarch Pastof the four houses, namelyGandhar, Madhyam, Pancham and Nishadwho marched in perfect synchronization on the tunes of the songKadam, Kadam Badhaye Jaa….
This was followed by a torch run by theNational Level Sports persons of the school Mast. Pranjal Salame, Mast. Tanishq Kirnake, Mast. Anish Deshpande, Miss Divya Telang and Miss Shreya Poharkar. Akin to the National Anthem for a country is the school song for the school. Sacrosanct and revered the school songwassung proudly standing in attention.The head boy of the schoolMast Kshitij Mahajanthen took theOathalong with the house members to play the games fairly. This was followed by thefelicitationofNational Level and State LevelSports persons of the school in various events.

The theme for the Sports Day wasIndian Games and Dances.The students of the schoolpresenteddemonstrations, drills and dances with1 Spirit, 1 Energy, as 1 Team having 1 Goal and they allweretogether as 1 Indian in their 1 Win.

The various events included wereThe Indian Symbol Drill, Mallakhamb,

$img_titleHaryanvi Dance, Warrior Drill, Bharatnatyam, Bamboo Dance and Games of India which was followed by Sare Jahan Se Achhcha…………Hindustan Humara…….., sung by 1200 students together.

The stadium was decked up with buntings of bright colours and the stage was set for track and field events. The little tiny tots ofStd I and IIwere in the best of their festive spirits and showed harmonious display ofThe Indian Symbol Drill,showcasingNational Bird of India-The Peacock, The National Animal- Tiger, The National Flower- Lotus and The National Tree- Banyan.



, that originated inMaharashtra, is a traditionalIndiansport in which agymnastperforms feats and poses in concert with a vertical wooden pole or rope. Mallakhamb was one of the highlights of the event as the boys performed confidently over thePole Mallakhamband the girls over theRope.Their activities were awe striking and they displayed their skills that mesmerized all.


$img_titleThis was followed by the colourful and vibrantHaryanvi Dance. The girls were dressed in their highly multicoloured ghagras and boys with their turbans and sticks.

TheWarrior Drillof the boys displayed their strength as they roared the slogans likeJai Shri Ram………, Bharat Mata Ki Jai………, Chak de Phatte………A group of boys of about 25 carried the maces, dhanush and baan, gupti, naan chaku, gola chain etc and performed rhythmic moves.

the traditional Indian dance form on the tunes of the old version ofVande Mataramenthralled the parents and all spectators. About 150 girls dressed in the traditional bharatnatyam attire displayed the nine forms of goddess namelyDurga, Kali, Laxmi, Sarawati,etc.

The foot tappingBamboo Danceby the students dressed in vivacious and red coloured outfits gained accolades from parents and spectators. The girls danced without missing a beat of bamboo by the boys.

Last but surely not the least, theShow Stopperof the event was theGames of Indiain which various games likeVolleyball, Basketball, KhoKho, Kabaddi, Handball, Badminton, Cricket, Athletics, Shot Put, Discus Throw,etc.that are played in India were demonstrated by the students on the songsJo Jeeta Wahi Sikander…….., Chak de India……… andHalla Bol……..This was followed bySare Jahan Se Achchha, a song sung by all the participants which were approximately1200in number.

$img_titleFancy races
were organized for the students of classes I and II which includedSachin Tendulkarrace for boys andSaina Nehwalrace for girls forStd I. The participants dressed as little Sachins and Sainas completed their races by lifting articles kept at regular intervals and reaching the finishing point. The fancy race for Std II was theRadha-Krishnarace.The students were dressed as petiteRadhas-Krishnasran along with their matkis to the finish line. For students of Std III to IX Sprint races, Slow Cycling, Relay, etc were organized.Victory standsare beautifully done up to make the victors feel proud of standing on them and receiving the prizes. The compering was effectively done by students of Std X boys,Mast. Swaksha Halde and Mast. Chaitanya Jaolekar.All in all the Sorts Daysuccessfully rejuvenated spirit of sportsmanship in everyone.