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Uniform – A Cloth of Dignity – Mems

             It was her first day at School. I got her ready in her new red pinafore, helped her to put on white socks, polished black shoes and fastened her hair with a hairband. We rode to School. I was anxious, a bit nervous, a bit doubtful to part away with her for only two hours of her pre-school. She was happy as always, when she would put on a new dress. The moment we stepped into the campus, she exclaimed with joy. “How’s that ! See mumma, everyone has worn the same dress like mine.” She wondered how everyone could wear a similar dress. She danced and clapped in amazement. I was taken aback by her innocence and also with the fact that she was introduced to a new concept of Oneness. I, then realized the great potential, that a uniform possesses. The word uniform is derived from the French ‘Uniforme’, Latin ‘Uniformis’ which means having only one form or shape, uni=one  forme=form/shape. It fits in to all kinds and sizes of people.

             How versatile a uniform is ! It brings in you the belongingness for a certain Institution or a work place. It carries responsibility for a person on duty. It fills in you the feeling of caring and nursing. For a Soldier, his uniform speaks his velour, for a person in security department, a uniform demands him to be watchful and alert. A Chef finds his identity in his apron. A Lawyer earns respect in his black coat, whereas a Doctor earns respect in his white apron. The colour doesn’t matter at all. How can I forget the Police Dept. that sacrifices all personal Celebrations and festivals to maintain Law & order. Once in uniform a Police never retires from his duty.

             I recalled by School days and my uniform too. What I remember is the ‘Kadak’ N.C.C. Cadet, I was fascinated by that extra starch and hence the creeze of that uniform. It was a routine task the crease of that white sports shoes on weekends and later polish them. I loved to wear freshly ironed uniform and can still recall its feel.

             At School, a uniform reduces the socio-economic disparities and encourages children to focus on their studies rather than their clothes. It bridges the dark, tall or short. It promotes a sense of cohesion and team spirit within the work place. It serves as an identity.

             People pamper their uniform by washing, ironing and maintaining its creeze. The moment you put on a uniform you are sensed with the feelings of oneness, belongingness, duty, service, responsibility, commitment etc.

How amazing is this fact!

                                                                    – Sucheta Shembhekar